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[anti-imf] :Dark Pearl Chocolates !... For Every Occasion.. !


Hey Chocolate Lovers, We're Dark Pearl, we offer you a variety of chocolates, with flavors and genuine cocoa taste!

Try us to ensure the quality and pamper your taste buds!


List Of Chocolates that We serve..


## DARK & SEMI-DARK chocolate with..


·        Almonds

·        Cashews

·        Hazelnuts

·        Rum + Raisin

·        Arabian Nuts

·        Cashew Delight

·        Sweet Crunchy chocolate [ for kids ]


## All the Nuts are of Best quality & are roasted with a Special technique to give that amazing taste..


## Chocolates & Boxes can be customized as per your choice..


## These aren't your kiddy chocolates with lots of sugar or milk or creamy nugget fillings, etc. They are semi-sweet at best with healthy Dry Fruits..


The more bitter the better. It's not difficult to get used to if you really like chocolate. Enjoy chocolate with the knowledge that it's actually good for you..


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Enjoy few of our Hot Selling Products below...


Welcome Ganapati Bappa this time with Chocolate Modakss :D










Feel free to contact us for any inquiry...













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