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[inti-net] Densus 88 Arrest Six Terrorism Suspects in Ambon


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Densus 88 Arrest Six Terrorism Suspects in Ambon
Jakarta Globe | September 10, 2012

Indonesia's anti-terrorism squad Densus 88 arrested six alleged terrorists involved in a series of attacks in Ambon, local police said on Monday.

"They're allegedly involved in a string of attacks in and outside Ambon," a member of Densus 88 who wished to remain anonymous told Jakarta Globe on Monday.

The six were allegedly involved in an attack on a Mobile Police Brigade (BriMob) post in Loki village that left five officers dead, the source said.

"They're the rest of the Loki shooters network that he had arrested earlier," he told the Jakarta Globe. "They're in one group with [leader] Asep Dahlan."

Asep, also known as Djaja, was sentenced to live in prison for his role in terrorist activities in Indonesia. He is a member of Mujahidin Ambon, a local affiliate of the Jamaah Islamiyah terrorist network.

The suspects were arrested during a raid on a house owned by a man named Imran, in Batu Merah village, Sirimau, Ambon. Police allegedly seized two firearms, one grenade, 3,000 rounds of ammunition, seven ammunition clips and a book detailing how to make bomb in the raid.

Maluku Police spokesman Adj. Sr. Comr. Johanes Huwae told journalists that the initial of the alleged terrorists are S, U, J, A, B and B.

The source in Densus 88 told the Globe that men named Sukri, 30, Udin Nuhuyanan, 42, and Imran, 37, who also goes by the name Jummu, were among those arrested. Udin was working as a security guard, the source said.

"They live there but are not local people, they are outsiders who came to Ambon," Johanes told Kompas. "They're being detained at the headquarters of Maluku Police Densus 88."

Imran's wife confirmed her husband's arrest.

"[Imran] was arrested along with his friends Abdullah, Aten and the other one whose identity is unknown," said Nur Ani.

The arrests shocked neighbors, who described the suspects as quiet people who kept to themselves.

"They have been staying here for the past year and did not interact with neighbors," said neighbor Abdullah Soamolle

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