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[PERS-Indonesia] Governor names traditional dance as the world’s worst art


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Governor names traditional dance as the world's worst art

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Apparently, not all governors are proud of their native art. On Monday evening, Central Java Governor Bibit Waluyo shocked many when he said that the jaran kepang (bamboo horse dance) is the world's most terrible art.

"Jaran kepang is the worst art in the world," said the governor during the 14th Merapi and Borobudur Senior's Amateur Golf Tournament in Magelang, as quoted by

"It is a shame that the Magelang mayor presented this particular dance at this kind of event."

The remark was made shortly after the Kartika Harapan dance group from Rejowinangun, Magelang, performed the dance.

In response to the jaw-dropping comment, attendees went silent.

Jaran kepang, also known as Kuda lumping in West Java, portrays troops riding colorful hobby-horses. In most occasions, the dance is incorporated with magic, where the "possessed" dancers showcase their unusual abilities, such as eating glass or stepping on flaming coals. (yps/iwa)

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